Three children’s books were published, thematically dealing with Kočevje, Kostel and Osilnica and the narrative heritage of these areas: Pilichmandle: A Story from the Kočevje Forests, Mikul’s devil: Devilry in Kostel, and How the Little Wolf Vilko Became the Hero Vilko Klepec. The books were created as part of the Heroes of Mysterious Forests project. Author: Anja Moric Illustrations: Barbara Koblar Published by: Putscherle Institute Year of publication: 2021   Share This:

  • Yuri Jonke's beekeeping ideas

    Children’s picture book: The beekeeping ideas of Jurij Jonke

    A childrens’ book about the ingenious beekeeper Jurij Jonke, who saved the town of Kočevje/Gottschee and taught people how to keep bees. The book is suitable for elementary school children. It is richly illustrated and contains information for parents and teachers. Author: Anja Moric Illustrations by: Barbara Koblar Published by: The Putscherle Institute Pages: 40 Language: Slovenian Price: 19.90 €, free delivery is available between Kočevje and Ljubljana. Orders are accepted at: info@putscherle.com You can read more about Jurij Jonke here. The project was supported by: Ministry of Culture of the RS, Inotherm and Municipality of Kočevje. Share This: