Putscherle Institute projects

Putscherle Institute projects

Children’s books:

2021: Pilichmandle: A Story from the Kočevje Forests, Mikul’s devil: Devilry in Kostel, and How the Little Wolf Vilko Became the Hero Vilko Klepec
2020: Beekeeping Quirks of Juri Jonke


2018: We feel it deep in our hearts

Projects co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:

2020-2021: Heroes of Mysterious Forests
2018-2019: Living in the embrace of forests

Scientific interdisciplinary conference:

26 September 2019: Cultural Heritage and Landscape: Conservation, Restoration, Revitalisation – Possibilities and Opportunities (Organised by the Putscherle Institute, co-organised by the Slovenian Ethnological Society and the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana)

Workshops for children: education on the cultural heritage of the Kočevje region:

2021 – : Workshops on cultural heritage: dormouse-hunting, beekeeping, etc.
2018 – : Bees swarming (Dolenjske Toplice, Kočevje, Stara Cerkev)

2019: Participation in Andersen Night, Stara Cerkev Elementary School


2019: KočevArt: exhibition of works by Kočevje artists
2018: “Not everyone is for beekeeping, as for the queen”: Beekeeping in the Kočevje region
2016: Showcases of Memory