Heroes of the Mysterious Forests

Heroes of the Mysterious Forests

Presentation of the activities

Name of activity:

Heroes of the Mysterious Forests

Activity Description and Objectives:

The project Heroes of the Mysterious Forests was created with the aim of researching and promoting the cultural heritage or mythological tradition of the LAS area, in particular the municipalities of Kočevje, Kostel and Osilnica. The purpose of the project is to thematically connect all three municipalities and increase the awareness of residents about the importance and opportunities offered by cultural (mythological) heritage in the field of tourism development, cultural activities, development of local identity and improvement of the quality of life.

Through mythology, locals and visitors will learn about life on the territory of all three municipalities. In addition to the cultural heritage, they will be introduced to the rich natural heritage of the area and its care in an educational, innovative and interesting way (with didactic tools, picture books for children, learning and adventure trails and mobile interactive points). The project will promote experiential learning and a healthy lifestyle for its users.

Project partners:

Putscherle Institute, center for research, culture and cultural heritage preservation
Kostel Institute for Culture and Tourism
Municipality of Osilnica
Kolpa d.o.o.


  • Mobile interactive points will be set up in Kostel and Osilnica, where visitors will have access to content related to the natural and cultural sights of the region through the use of modern interactive multimedia technology (touch screen, 360 ° virtual panorama).
  • The two existing trails will be upgraded, where visitors can learn about the natural and cultural heritage of Kostel, Osilnica, Kočevje and the LAS area. In Kostel, the learning trail Mikul’s Devil will be established, and in Osilnica the adventure trail Peter Klepec. For the guidance along the trail we will train guides who will familiarize visitors with forest education, natural and cultural sights of the area.
  • In Osilnica, we will add new content to the Petruvu event and organize a play about the hero Petar Klepec and a guided tour of the Adventure Journey of Peter Klepec. We will organize a fair activity on the theme of Peter Klepec and mythological heroes from the project Heroes of Mysterious Forests, namely we will present the local culinary offer (shepherd food), herbalism, as well as souvenirs and handicrafts on the theme of local mythological heroes.
  • In order to familiarize school children with the mythological cultural heritage of the region, three picture books will be published. illustrated books for children. Each picture book will be dedicated to the presentation of a mythological hero or heritage from each of the communities. They will be designed in such a way that they can also serve as teaching aids in primary schools in the future.

Expected results:

  • The Learning Path of the Mikul’s Devil (Kostel).
  • A guidebook for guides on the Learning Path of the Mikul’s Devil.
  • The adventure trail of Peter Klepec (Osilnica).
  • 3 children’s books about the mythological heritage of the Kočevje, Kostel and Osilnica.
  • 2 mobile interactive points (Kostel, Osilnica).
  • 8 workshops on wool felting.
  • 1 forest workshop.
  • 3 workshops on mythological heritage.
  • Training for guides and 5 new guides trained.

European agricultural fund for rural development:Europe invests in rural areas.


European Commission website on EAFRD

Rural Development Program – PRP