Life in the Sylvain Embrace

Activity Name:

Life in the Sylvain Embrace

Activity Description and Objectives:

The project partners note that in the area of LAS, especially in the Kočevje region, heritage, both cultural and natural, is not sufficiently recognized as a value. The inhabitants are not sufficiently aware of the importance of heritage and the opportunities it offers, especially in the field of tourism and quality of life. Therefore, through the project Life in the Sylvain Embrace, we want to make them aware of the importance of heritage and the benefits of its preservation and maintenance.

We will set up an interactive point at the headquarters of the Putscherle Institute where visitors will learn about the natural and cultural features of the area through the use of modern interactive multimedia technology (video, touch screen, virtual reality, didactic games). We will set up a blog – Gottscheer blog – that will serve as a tool to present the cultural and natural heritage in the Kočevje region and in the LAS area.

Expected results:

  • Establishment of a new tourist offer: creation of an interactive point
  • to offer accessible information about the heritage of Kočevska and the LAS area online – Gottscheer blog,
  • increase of knowledge especially about the cultural heritage of Kočevska and the LAS area among locals and visitors,
  • greater visibility of the tourist destination,
  • strengthening of local identity and awareness of the importance of preserving cultural and natural heritage.

The project “Life in the Sylvain Embrace” was co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).


European Commission website on EAFRD

Rural area Development Program – PRP