About The Putscherle Institute

About The Putscherle Institute

The Putscherle Institute, Centre for Research, Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation, was named after a small wooden barrel, an ethnographic peculiarity of Kočevska (Gottschee region). Putscherles were used by Gottscheers (Gottschee Germans) and other inhabitants of the Gottschee area prior to WW2.

Putscherle, Regional museum of Kočevje

It used to serve as a drinking water container. Just like today people walk around with plastic bottles in hand, they used to take the Putscherle everywhere they went, especially to work in the hot fields. The wood kept the water nicely cool for most of the day. The name of the Institute implies our main activity: to find and preserve Kočevska (Gottschee) cultural heritage – a culture that is fast disappearing in our modern day.

Excerpt of the Statute, Article 6:

The Putscherle Institute was established to undertake the following activities: research, consulting and education, cultural activities, and the preservation and interpretation of cultural heritage in order to contribute to the well-being of the wider community.

For this purpose, we tend to organize various programs such as:
– Cultural events and exhibitions
– Implementation of various courses and workshops (art, language, etc.)
– Research projects in the field of social sciences and humanities
– Organization of scientific and professional meetings and conferences
– The preservation, study, presentation and development of cultural heritage
– Presentation/interpretation of natural and cultural attractions
– Education and presentation of arts and crafts and contemporary creativity
– Promotion of tourism, etc.



Zavod Putscherle
Stara Cerkev 70
SI-1332 Stara Cerkev

E-mail: info@putscherle.com

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