About the Putscherle Institute

About the Putscherle Institute

The Putscherle Institute, Centre for Research, Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation, was named after a small water barrel, an ethnographic feature of Kočevje, used by the inhabitants of the wider Kočevska (Gottschee) region until World War II.

Putscherle Institute

The Putscherle was intended for storage and transportation of water. t could be compared with modern water containers. Similar to the way containers are our daily companions today, putscherles once accompanied their owners on their way, especially when working in the fields. The water in the putscherle remained cold most of the day.

The name of the Institute indicates one of our most important activities, namely the preservation of cultural heritage in the Kočevje region.


Extract from the Statute of the Institute – Article 6:

The Putscherle Institute, Centre for Research, Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation Stara Cerkev (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) was established to carry out the following activities: Research, consultancy and education, cultural activities, and preservation and interpretation of cultural heritage.

The aim of the Institute is to promote research, preservation and interpretation of cultural heritage and contemporary cultural creation on the basis of cooperation and transfer of knowledge between different disciplines and the interested public in order to contribute to the common good.

To this end, various programmes and activities are carried out, such as:

  • Holding cultural events and exhibitions,
  • conducting various courses (art, language, etc.),
  • research in social sciences and humanities,
  • holding scientific and professional meetings and consultations,
  • preservation, research, presentation and development of cultural heritage,
  • presentation of natural and cultural sights,
  • education and presentation of handicrafts, art and contemporary creativity,
  • publishing activity,
  • translation,
  • promotion of tourism,
  • organisation of excursions, etc.



Zavod Putscherle
Stara Cerkev 70
1332 Stara Cerkev

Email: info@putscherle.com